Extra, Extra Read all about it… Big turns 5!!

Big turned 5. And I’m not gonna lie – I’ve dreaded this day for the whole five years it seems. Five just seems like such a milestone birthday to me – it signals the begining of Big being a ‘real boy’. The babyhood is done. He even knows it’s a big deal – he keeps reminding us, and himself, that he’s a big boy now because he’s five. Next year he’ll be in grade one, and I will no longer be able to manipulate half days versus full days. I am not happy about it. Big changed my life forever and opened my heart up in a way I never knew it could be. And now, Big really is big – and it makes me cry.

We celebrated his birthday with family around. The big bash – 21 kids under 5 – will be on Saturday and I can’t wait! As per my halloween post,  Big has a thing for party planning. He was so awesome in inviting all of his friends. I love that he has friends from all different aspects of his little life – school, baby/toddler years, church, camp, etc. He is a social butterfly and I couldn’t be happier. I know he’s going to love seeing all of his friends around and he’s going to feel so loved and so special. As he should, because he is loved, and is so very special. Big  –  I love you (and yes, I’m crying again!)

Big 2005

Big 2010


Decisions, decisions

The school saga continues… what to do, what to do?

Vince and I were at the boys’ Montessori school this evening to get an overview of the Elementary program. So now we have to decide what to do with the boys once they finish their Casa program. Keep them in Montessori for grade one and up, or move them to another school – ie public school. Why is this so hard? The overview tonight was awesome – but I’m realistic (kind of..) and know that it also has it’s flaws. I’m all for Montessori. I’m all for private school since I’m not a huge supporter of the public school curriculum.. but I know that times are changing and that the school experience varies from school to school. So what to do? Big, Small – I hope one day you appreciate all of the time and thought that was spent on deciding what to do. And if you don’t for whatever reason – just look back at this entry and realize that it was a tough decision – and no matter what, we did what we thought was best.

Halloween 2010

I’ve never been a huge fan of Halloween since I’m not into dressing up. I’m just not creative enough. But this year, Big, decided that he wanted to host a  Halloween party.  He’s all about parties and having our family over. We’re not a big family by any means, but he just loves getting us all together. So when he mentioned his Halloween Party idea, I went with it. Wow. I am so amazed by how much thought and time he invested in his little venture. He requested that there be a piñata, a dance party and even helped out with the menu planning. Did I mention that he turns 5 at the end of this month? He truly is an amazing boy.

The party was super awesome. Vince decorated the house with spider webs and all of the traditional Halloween decorations. Our table was a sea of black and orange. The food consisted of mummy chicken fingers in hot dog buns so as to resemble coffins, spider web pizzas, and an orange cake with spider web icing. The evening was topped off by heading out to trick or treat. And here I was once again amazed by my boys – Big totally became ‘big brother’ and looked after Small. Introducing him to all the neighbours and ensuring that Small got his fair share of candy – it was a ‘no man left behind’ type of mentality! it was awesome.

Ah well – Halloween 2010 down, now on to planning a Transformers party for Big’s 5th Birthday – maybe my little party planner extraordinaire will give me some tips?!

My Optimus PrimeMy Wee Pumpkin

My Wee Pumpkin