Decisions, decisions

The school saga continues… what to do, what to do?

Vince and I were at the boys’ Montessori school this evening to get an overview of the Elementary program. So now we have to decide what to do with the boys once they finish their Casa program. Keep them in Montessori for grade one and up, or move them to another school – ie public school. Why is this so hard? The overview tonight was awesome – but I’m realistic (kind of..) and know that it also has it’s flaws. I’m all for Montessori. I’m all for private school since I’m not a huge supporter of the public school curriculum.. but I know that times are changing and that the school experience varies from school to school. So what to do? Big, Small – I hope one day you appreciate all of the time and thought that was spent on deciding what to do. And if you don’t for whatever reason – just look back at this entry and realize that it was a tough decision – and no matter what, we did what we thought was best.


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