Extra, Extra Read all about it… Big turns 5!!

Big turned 5. And I’m not gonna lie – I’ve dreaded this day for the whole five years it seems. Five just seems like such a milestone birthday to me – it signals the begining of Big being a ‘real boy’. The babyhood is done. He even knows it’s a big deal – he keeps reminding us, and himself, that he’s a big boy now because he’s five. Next year he’ll be in grade one, and I will no longer be able to manipulate half days versus full days. I am not happy about it. Big changed my life forever and opened my heart up in a way I never knew it could be. And now, Big really is big – and it makes me cry.

We celebrated his birthday with family around. The big bash – 21 kids under 5 – will be on Saturday and I can’t wait! As per my halloween post,  Big has a thing for party planning. He was so awesome in inviting all of his friends. I love that he has friends from all different aspects of his little life – school, baby/toddler years, church, camp, etc. He is a social butterfly and I couldn’t be happier. I know he’s going to love seeing all of his friends around and he’s going to feel so loved and so special. As he should, because he is loved, and is so very special. Big  –  I love you (and yes, I’m crying again!)

Big 2005

Big 2010


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