The Santa cookie dilemma.. I’m new here!

I like to joke that “I’m new here” when technically I’ve been in Canada for 20 years. So maybe not so new. But the truth is that I don’t know a lot of the North American traditions.. ie, I’ve never watched such classics as Frosty, Rudolph or Charlie Brown’s Christmas. Blasphemy, I know. Or so Vince tells me. So when it comes to stockings, cookies for Santa and carrots for the reindeer, I truly am new here! I’m good with the stockings part, because that includes shopping – but only so/so with the rest of it. Hadn’t told Big anything about cookies since I gathered that it would involve some baking and I’m so not a baker. So imagine my surprise when in the middle of the afternoon he decides that we need to leave milk and cookies out for the big guy! What??!?!? Who is filling his head with such ideas?? Blasted school. So off I went to battle the crowds on the day before Christmas to pick up the most home made looking cookies I could find. Only to be sidetracked by the sales and coming home sans said cookies. In the end Santa got some Chips Ahoy type chocolate chip cookies and milk. No complaints from Big – thankfully he was so tired that he didn’t even notice – and certainly no complaints from Santa… cookies were delish!

The Santa Treats


First official day of Christmas Vacation 2010

This is it! Christmas Vacation! I’ve been looking forward to this all year. I love having the boys at home. I feel like time is getting away from me and every day they’re getting closer and closer to becoming ‘big’ boys. So I do my very best to savour every minute with them. I work part time for the best company ever – Mabel’s Labels. For the past three years I’ve worked a couple of partial days per week. It truly is the best of both worlds. So I’ve worked for the past two days and now I finally get to enjoy having my boys all to myself.

Of course the first order of business during any vacation is to … stay in our pjs all day.

We can check that off our list.

Putting up the Christmas Tree -Yippee

It’s amazing how something so trivial as a Christmas Tree can bring so much joy and excitement to our little family!

The boys reminded us that any time we spend together as a family is special and should be treasured. Not to mention should be blogged about…

The boys gearing up for some Christmas Tree fun

I ABSOLUTELY love this pic ... he's a tad excited!

Small's contribution to tree decorating

Small helping out

Big helping out

My aboslute favourite school craft Big has ever made

The boys and I like to do crafts in the afternoons – well, Big and I have recently started to include Small in these activity times since he’s now stopped eating the crafts. Since our tree theme is red and green, we thought it would be nice to decorate some apples for our tree.

Big decided to make alien apples so as to make Santa laugh when he saw our tree!

Small insisted that I draw lines/squiggles through all of his.

Small's apple ornament

Big's alien apple

Five days ’til Christmas… really?

What happened to December? It feels like we just celebrated Big’s birthday and now bingo bango here we are at Christmas! And all we have to show for it is both boys with ear infections and snotty faces. I hate winter. Okay, maybe hate is a strong word, but seriously sickly children are so not fun.

They’re on the mend now, but we had a few hairy days. Throw in the fact that Small is clearly suffering from the ‘terrible twos’ and my sanity is also now in question. 

 It’s not all bad though. Good things have happened in the last few weeks too. I think (and am hoping this sticks) that we’ve come to a decision regarding what will happen for grade one where Big is concerned. So that’s taken some of the pressure/stress off.

Small has started to repeat some words – not many, but at least he’s making an attempt which again takes some of the stress off.

Big and Small have started to play together, rather than just beside each other, so that’s been great too. Both boys had their Christmas concerts on the last week of school too. I had to miss Big’s concert since Small was sick, but we bought the DVD offered by the school so I can watch it over and over. Managed to get to Small’s concert and of course it brought me to tears to see all the wee kids (they’re 1.5 to 2.5 years old in Small’s class)

Small ready for his big performance

dance and sing. Small got shy and needed to cuddle during his performance, but it was super cute no matter what. MIL also came to visit for a week and it was great! She brought her dog with her – Major – and it was great to see the boys play with the dog and of course it was great to see them with their grandma since they don’t get to see her that often. We also put up our Christmas tree finally and the boys just loved that.

Overall, things are progressing along nicely. We have Christmas dinner on the 24th – we celebrate on Christmas Eve as per South American tradition. We don’t go all out with presents on Christmas so we’re not dealing with battling the crowds at the mall. This year the gift for the boys is a Wii and they’ll be getting some small Santa pressies.

So in 5 days we’ll celebrate Christmas; then 2 days later Small will turn two.

Two already. I’ll cry.

Let the Christmas Festivities Begin

Kept Big from school today – figured he needed a little break and I wanted to do our annual Mall Santa photo done today. We lazied around this morning – it’s so nice not to have to rush. We’re notorious for being late-ish. We’re just not morning people. Fixing this is on the ‘resolutions’ list, so eventually we’ll sort ourselves out.

Regardless, off we went en route to visit our favourite mall Santa.  I worried about Small handling the line up, or better yet, how would I handle Small if there was a long lineup? Can I just say that it went amazingly well. Sure, Big and Small didn’t stand there like statues, they moved around a bit, but not once did I have to break out into a sprint to chase anyone and they waited patiently, as patiently as boys can wait, for their turn.

Big had a hard time deciding what he wanted for Christmas since he knew Santa would ask. He deliberated with himself, but finally decided on Mighty Machines. I could have sworn he’d ask for Transformers, but seeing as we could shoot the next movie at our house with all the Transformers loot he got for his birthday, I guess he was being responsible. I wondered if Small would cry, only to have that thought fleet when I saw him run up to Santa and give him a huge hug.

Overall a fantastic trip. So, let the Christmas Season begin.

Merry Christmas from Big & Small

Happy Birthday to ME!

Right on the heels of Big’s 5th Birthday party – it was my turn to celebrate my 35th birthday. Yup, that’s right I’m thirty-five. Gulp.

How did I celebrate you ask? Well in style of course.

Just kidding.  I went to work and enjoyed celebrating MY day with my work peeps – and bonus, it was bake sale day at the boys’ school so I picked up some treats for us PLUS it was treat day at work. So we ate a lot. A hell of a lot.

Then we celebrated me some more when I joined my family for some Swiss Chalet. And it didn’t end there. I then went out with some of my girls and enjoyed some appies, dessert and drinks at Milestones.

It then dawned on me that eating food is the best way to celebrate me. Food and laughter. Because laughter was a huge part of the day. Like I said the other day “who needs to do crunches when you can just laugh all day?”

Upon reflection I can say that my 35th was memorable indeed.

And just when you thought it was over – here I go again.

Off to the pub with some of my girls for .. you guessed it… more food and laughter!