Language repertoire

So Small has a little friend, and she’s an absolute doll. Her mom and I have known each other a while since Big and her Big are about the same age, and now both Smalls are the same age. Anyhow, we’re a bit concerned that their speech isn’t developing as quickly as ‘they’ say it should be. They’re both grunters and both understand every last thing we say, but they don’t ever see the need to repeat words. It’s quite frustrating – for us – and it’s a little concerning, even though we mask it with jokes and laughter.

Well, Small surprised me this morning when he said his little friend’s name!! Yay!! Of course, he only said it once and would only smirk when we asked him to say it again – it’s like he knows this weighs on me. So now aside from mama, dada, ‘mo’ (his version of more thanks to his British teacher), no, hi and bye – he can now also say names. Okay, fine, only one name but it still counts..

Hang on a sec.. one, two, three, four, five, six – SIX words.. woo hoo, looks like Small is on track after all since we were aiming for five words by age 2.

He can say six – looks like Small isn’t delayed at all, in fact I’m going with genius and one  full word ahead of the game.


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