Party central!

The fabulous cake.. that's BIG in his Optimus Prime costume!

WOW! Big had his birthday party today and it was awesome!! He had so many friends come out to help him celebrate. I love that all ares of his life were represented – school, camp, toddler hood, church – all were there. He had such an amazing time and all went well. The party was fabuloso! The best part (and pretty clever on my part) was asking our favourite babysitter to come and help out with Small. That way both Vince and I got to enjoy Big’s party and were able to host and actually talk to our friends too. I just love her – and she even brought a little present with her for Big. Seriously, how awesome is she?

We had lots to eat, the cake was fantastic.. and the cookie pops were amazing. My friend Gabe runs a company called Lollopop and all I can say is that they were the hit of the party – well that and the awesome Transformers photo cake. I even came across Transformers font and downloaded it for the cake and the thank you cards.

The super fabulous cookie pops

Overall, a great time was had by all. What a way to remember my first born, Big, turning 5.

Wait a minute – I just got through this whole post without crying. Well what do you know – maybe I’m growing up a little too.


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