Facebook Photo Etiquette

Just had a little FB scare. I posted up some photos of Big’s birthday party and included some pics of other kids – only kids of parents that are my FB friends. I clicked on the ‘skip’ option when FB asked me to share the photos because I like to get the parents’ permission before I go ahead and ‘share’ photos.

But before I knew it I was getting comments on the photos! gulp. Did I forget to skip the share option??

OH NO!! I’m a huge believer that permission to post kid’s photos must be given. My friends on FB know that I’m okay with Big & Small’s photos going up, but I know that not all people are. And if for whatever reason I’m not okay, then I ask them to take them down. No hard feelings. But there should be an option to say no.

Crap. I could feel my heart racing a mile a minute and my fingers weren’t clicking fast enough to see what had happened…

Phew. My blood pressure returned to normal when I realized that I had in fact selected that only the people that were tagged could see the photos. I had changed the share option to customize and entered the names of those tagged – I was thinking that hadn’t saved.  The comments were coming from those tagged parents. Sigh of relief.

I thought I had in fact gone against my own unsaid-should-be-the-way rule. Thankfully not.

And all is good in the world again.


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