Let the Christmas Festivities Begin

Kept Big from school today – figured he needed a little break and I wanted to do our annual Mall Santa photo done today. We lazied around this morning – it’s so nice not to have to rush. We’re notorious for being late-ish. We’re just not morning people. Fixing this is on the ‘resolutions’ list, so eventually we’ll sort ourselves out.

Regardless, off we went en route to visit our favourite mall Santa.  I worried about Small handling the line up, or better yet, how would I handle Small if there was a long lineup? Can I just say that it went amazingly well. Sure, Big and Small didn’t stand there like statues, they moved around a bit, but not once did I have to break out into a sprint to chase anyone and they waited patiently, as patiently as boys can wait, for their turn.

Big had a hard time deciding what he wanted for Christmas since he knew Santa would ask. He deliberated with himself, but finally decided on Mighty Machines. I could have sworn he’d ask for Transformers, but seeing as we could shoot the next movie at our house with all the Transformers loot he got for his birthday, I guess he was being responsible. I wondered if Small would cry, only to have that thought fleet when I saw him run up to Santa and give him a huge hug.

Overall a fantastic trip. So, let the Christmas Season begin.

Merry Christmas from Big & Small


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