Putting up the Christmas Tree -Yippee

It’s amazing how something so trivial as a Christmas Tree can bring so much joy and excitement to our little family!

The boys reminded us that any time we spend together as a family is special and should be treasured. Not to mention should be blogged about…

The boys gearing up for some Christmas Tree fun

I ABSOLUTELY love this pic ... he's a tad excited!

Small's contribution to tree decorating

Small helping out

Big helping out

My aboslute favourite school craft Big has ever made

The boys and I like to do crafts in the afternoons – well, Big and I have recently started to include Small in these activity times since he’s now stopped eating the crafts. Since our tree theme is red and green, we thought it would be nice to decorate some apples for our tree.

Big decided to make alien apples so as to make Santa laugh when he saw our tree!

Small insisted that I draw lines/squiggles through all of his.

Small's apple ornament

Big's alien apple


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