The Santa cookie dilemma.. I’m new here!

I like to joke that “I’m new here” when technically I’ve been in Canada for 20 years. So maybe not so new. But the truth is that I don’t know a lot of the North American traditions.. ie, I’ve never watched such classics as Frosty, Rudolph or Charlie Brown’s Christmas. Blasphemy, I know. Or so Vince tells me. So when it comes to stockings, cookies for Santa and carrots for the reindeer, I truly am new here! I’m good with the stockings part, because that includes shopping – but only so/so with the rest of it. Hadn’t told Big anything about cookies since I gathered that it would involve some baking and I’m so not a baker. So imagine my surprise when in the middle of the afternoon he decides that we need to leave milk and cookies out for the big guy! What??!?!? Who is filling his head with such ideas?? Blasted school. So off I went to battle the crowds on the day before Christmas to pick up the most home made looking cookies I could find. Only to be sidetracked by the sales and coming home sans said cookies. In the end Santa got some Chips Ahoy type chocolate chip cookies and milk. No complaints from Big – thankfully he was so tired that he didn’t even notice – and certainly no complaints from Santa… cookies were delish!

The Santa Treats


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