Ugh. The stomach flu. ‘Nuff said.

Been sickly for the past two days. And it’s not been pretty. I’ve felt like crap – pun intended.

However, something great has happened in the last two days. Something that I’ve needed to see and that maybe I had forgotten in my day to day dealings with Big and Small.

Vince is a great dad!

He truly is. Last night as I lay in bed, and in between mad dashes to the loo, I could hear my children roar with laughter. I heard them run around, probably jumping off my furniture (gasp!), playing with swords (double gasp!) and laughing so hard that I’m sure someone peed. Don’t get me wrong, the boys and I have some good, fun times. But this was different.

You see, I’m a bit of a stickler for rules and such. I’ve come a long way – having an epiphany of sorts back in September. So I’m usually finding myself channeling my inner ‘everything-is-a-teachable-moment’ self and constantly guiding my children to make ‘good choices’ don’t jump on my furniture! So sometimes, just sometimes, I forget that Big really isn’t that big, and that Small truly is small. Five and two – that’s all they are.

So as I lay in bed – cursing the stomach flu – I couldn’t help but thank God for Vince. He was maximizing his one-on-one time with the boys and letting them be boys. I love that we balance each other out. I don’t admit this often, but sometimes I tend to overshadow Vince in the parenting department. But I really shouldn’t. He does know what he’s doing. And I love him for it.


The making and breaking of a resolution

Happy New Year!

Okay, so it’s Jan 9th and the new year festivities have come and gone. But better late than never, right? Probably not. Especially since for the first time ever I decided to make a New Year’s Resolution. Crap. What was I thinking? It was a general one too. One that I could apply to all aspects of my life. I was to stop procrastinating. There goes that – as I’m over a week late in writing this.

At first I was really mad at myself. When I first sat to write this hours ago, I was thinking that I would write all about how I’ve failed myself, my family, once again. But then as I sat here in misery, it came to me that the reason I hadn’t sat down to update my blog wasn’t because of my usual “I’ll get to it tomorrow” attitude, but instead it was because I truly have been busy. Busy enjoying my boys. Busy enjoying my family. Not that I haven’t done that before. But the last couple of weeks have been different. I’ve been moved by how fast life seems to be moving. How fast my boys are growing. How fast I’m getting older.

For the first time since living in snowy climate I actually enjoyed playing in the snow with  my children today. Big who has been known to repeat “mommy doesn’t do winter” ran to me and said “mommy, thank you, this is the best fun” He thanked me for enjoying the moment.

So then it came to me, I’m not procrastinating- I’m enjoying the moment.
From the mouths of babes.