Been on Sabbatical.

Okay, not really. But I do like the sounds of that.  And I totally didn’t make that up. Rumour has it that “Nay is on sabbatical” was circling around the office.

Sadly, my life isn’t truly that exciting. I’m not researching the next big breakthrough, or writing a thesis of any kind. I’m just off work for the next couple of months due to childcare issues. Not quite as glamorous, is it?

I’m claiming it though. Owning it, if you will.

Told Vince about it.. and he laughed. The nerve. Then proceeded to say in the most parental (and smartass) voice ever, “I hope you’re going to use your time wisely.”

And you know what. I have been.

I’ve been getting to know twitter. And we’re becoming good little pals. I’ve been educating myself on blogging (and sadly neglecting this blog). Have rekindled my love affair with Facebook. Have thought about going back to school. Have thought about what that would imply – three tuitions versus two. Have thought about maybe holding off on going back to school. Have been researching more into the whole grade 1 dilemma. Which then led to researching more about alternate education. Have been scheduling speech assessment for Small. Looking into having Big assessed too. I think he may have an Attention Deficit concern.

Good use of my time, you say? Absolutely. Been doing loads. Loads of thinking, laughing, crying, enjoying, stressing. In other words, I’ve been using my time wisely by just being me. And who knows, maybe I will in fact discover the next big thing.

If you need me – I’m on sabbatical.