Big’s Graduation Day

This is all too much, too fast. At least for me it is.

My first born, my Big, is graduating.

Fine. So the fact that he’s only five, and I’m a raging mess should be an indicator that I need serious help, but what can I say.

We’ve been at our little Montessori school for three years. He started there just before turning three. He’s had the same lovely, amazingly sweet and patient teacher for three years. He loves her. Who’s kidding here, I love her! She has shared in seeing Big grow and become the little man he is. And with him being at school for five mornings for the last three years, she knows a side of him that I don’t. And she’s extremely patient. Did I mention that I’m in awe of her patience?

So here it was. Graduation Day.

A little concert preceded the ceremony. It was cute. Three to five year olds trying to perform a handful of songs that included The Chicken Dance and The Macarena. I’m sure there was a French song in there, but I was laughing too hard to notice! And yes, before you even ask – I was already crying. In case you’ve missed this somehow – I’m a SAP!

Then the moment came; the director was going to present the graduates with their diplomas.

So off went the Third Year Casas (Senior Kindergarten)

And when they came back, this is what I saw.

The Graduate

How was I to not cry.

A cap and gown? Come on now! I wept. And I wept.

Big – we are so, so proud of you. We love you.

Proud Parents


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