He asked for T-Ball. I said yes – because he asked nicely.

Big asked to play T-Ball.

Normally, I’d say no. We already have soccer lined up for the summer.

But he did ask nicely. And Vince and I don’t want to deny him the chance to try a new sport at this age.

We figure, try them all out now, and then figure out what you like and we’ll stick with that.

We had no idea that T-Ball would be his sport of choice.

So we smiled and nodded, said “great” and off I went to pay the $250 fee. Yup. That’s right. It’s that much for T-Ball.

Anyway, as I gave them our cheque, I was secretly hoping that I’d never have to see that office again.

I hate Baseball. And T-Ball is a part of all that.

Regardless, off we went to the orientation. Only to find out that some parents were dead serious about T-Ball. I suppose I got that. I’m all about soccer. Not dead serious about it. But I love soccer, so I’m all over it for my boys.

Off I went to buy a baseball glove. How are those things supposed to fit? They’re ridiculous.

And before we knew it, game day arrived. I figured, I can do this once a week, right? Can’t be that hard.

What can I say. He loved it. And he was super cute in his uniform.

The best part? The team he’s on is awesome. Thankfully, none of the ‘dead serious’ parents on our team.

We’re all there to watch our kids have fun.

The best part? Well, at least the “these things only happen to me part”…. The game was on Tuesday. So after the game we say bye, and head home. The following Tuesday, we get an email from the coach saying, game was cancelled due to torrential downpour., and that he’d see us on Thursday. Thursday? Huh? Why? Photo day? Nope. You guessed it. T-Ball was in fact TWO nights per week. I hadn’t read the fine print. Sigh.

Anyway, he truly enjoyed it. As did I.

So I take it back.

I still find it horribly boring. But now that my kid likes it, I’m willing to tolerate it.

Twice a week even


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