We’ve gone Public…

Public School that is. And I have a lot to say about it. What else is new?

So after much deliberating, we decided to go the public school route with Big.

You know the big, huge, behemoth one that kept me up for a year.

Yah. That one.

He’s now a student at our local public school in the French Immersion program.

First thing I have to say is that I have been humbled off my Private School high horse. I won’t lie; I had Big simultaneously enrolled in a private school too. Just in case week one at the public school went as I thought it would, then bingo bango he’d be at the nice medium-sized private school where teachers still eat with their students, and the big kids just love to help out the little ones, and where rainbows and sunshine are always present.

Okay, so day one went without any issue. Big came home ecstatic. He loved it.

Day two – also went well.

Day three – we had a situation.

It turns out Big was a little excited with the fact that he had his very own locker and decided to slam the door shut, only to leave his finger in the way. OUCHIHUAHUA! Of course my heart was all a flutter! My baby! Did they cleanse his wound? Did he cry? Did they hug him? Were they nice to him? You can imagine me firing off all these questions, right? Of course I did. He answered all my questions and was adamant that he had in fact been very well taken care of. “The office teachers were really nice. They put ice on it, and hugged me when I cried.” I won’t lie, I was in disbelief. Really? They didn’t just say suck it up and send him back to his class?

Wow. I stood corrected.

Now you may be wondering why on earth I would have thought that in the first place. See the thing is… I’m clearly mad. What can I say? I just pictured big, huge school to be a little cold and not so hugs and rainbows.

Served me right. Here I was thinking the worst and yet Big was just fine.

I did go in to the school to thank the ‘office teachers.’ They were all super nice, and assured me that lots of kids have locker accidents. I think they were humouring me and I appreciated it.

Needless to say week two came and Big remained at the Public School.

We’re now mid way through October and all the things I was petrified about … like how would he do socially? How would he adapt to traditional schooling? Was his teacher nice? How would he do at nutrition break when there are no teachers in the classroom?… all seem to be going just fine.

He’s definitely testing his new found freedom, but at the end of the day, he’s still the Big I know and adore.

Curriculum on the other hand… well that’s another story. I’ll blog about that another day.

Big, huge, behemoth public school hasn’t changed him. That kid is solid.

He must have excellent parents! (wink)

And because, I wouldn’t be me if I wasn’t a tad “that” mom, I do still have all his paperwork ready to go in case an emergency transfer is necessary. What did I tell you? I warned you.. I am absolutely, without a doubt, a little bit mad.


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