Our little Big Guy

Hard work really does pay off. Who knew?

It’s just a little over a year that we started our Speech Therapy journey.

Small was just turning two, when I realized that he really wasn’t saying much.

Sure, he could communicate, but there really were no defined words. Except for mama, dada and a shortened version of Big’s name, there was really not much more to his vocabulary.

Immediately I called Erinoak Kids – a fabulous service – and they put us on the wait list. Not long after I called, we received a letter saying that we were scheduled for an assessment. So off we went. We met with a lovely Speech Pathologist who let us know that Small was a “late talker.” She said he was very animated and expressive with his hands and body language and wondered if that was learned behaviour. As I sat on my hands, I replied “His father is Italian.” Ha!

So Vince and I are what you’d call animated. Okay, fine, maybe you’d call us loud and boisterous, but you’d love us, really.

So the kid had learned to communicate using everything but his mouth. Not a horrible thing to have happen, right?

Well, off I went to the parent sessions to learn how to help him string two words together. Once we managed that, we graduated on to the next step which was to meet on a one-on-one basis with an SLP assistant. So back we went on to the waitlist.

In the meantime I sought out a private Speech Pathologist, and came across this beauty – Doctor Debbie – as Small calls her.

WOW! She is magnificent. Amazing progress was made. Some people are just born to do certain things in this world – and this woman was born to help children. And I should mention, that she’s quite ‘animated’ too. Which of course means that I love her.

Anyway, back to Small.. We did some sessions with Doctor Debbie, then back to Erinoak we went when our turn came up. And once again, we were assigned to yet another wonderful lady – Doctor Donna – Small seems to like to call people Doctor. And again, what progress we’ve made!!

We still have a long way to go – but he is talking now. Really talking. Able to tell me how his day was. And even though at first it broke my heart that my little Small couldn’t get his little tongue in the right place to just say the smallest of words, his hard work has paid off. He is much more confident now.

He’s doing amazingly well at his new school. His new teachers are so supportive of his speech development and are open to also helping him with whatever new sound we’re working on.

Small has a team of people working super hard to help him reach his speech goals. I’m not sure I’ve always agreed with the whole ‘it takes a vilage’ philosophy – until now. It does take a village. It takes more than just Vince and I, and it takes a lot of hard work to help raise our kids.

So there you have it. Who would have thought that in this family of rather loud, expressive, animated people, we’d have a little guy who would have a hard time? Although, don’t get me wrong, it’s not like he’s not heard – oh no, it’s not like that at all. Because out of all us here, it’s the smallest member of our family that has the biggest personality!

Our little BIG GUY!


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