Language Database

Small’s speech therapist asked me to keep a “language journal” so that we could keep a language database.

Meaning I had to record every single thing that came out of his mouth for a week.

Sure, I said. No problem. I got this.

Umm. No. Not that easy.

For a kid with a “language delay” the kid talks non-stop!

So I started to record him and then just typed up the dialogue at the end of the day.

I had to laugh when I found myself typing this :

“No, me do it. Me bad guy. My guy blast your guy. Your guy dead. I kill you. Your guy dead. My guy’s jetpack is a bomber. I blast your spaceship”

Yikes. Out of context that’s not appropriate language for a three-year old. I wondered what the speech therapist would think about that. Of course, we’re working of him using “I’ versus “me” when referring to himself, so I figure she’d be happy with his progress. There are a few in there. Surely she’d overlook the violent nature of his dialogue and relish in the fact that he also used the word “is” – another one of our goals.

Just in case though, I made sure to include “While Playing Star Wars with His Older Brother “ as a title for that section.