Low Maintenance Kids

Just the other day I was whining and/or complaining about something or other, when Big asked me why I was sad. Sad? Really. When I complain I look sad? Hadn’t thought of that.

His little, innocent, question really stirred up some deep thoughts, which of course, I suppressed, because who wants to be deep thinking during summer vacation? And really, so what if I was whining about how we totally ‘needed’ a pool and all inclusive vacation. I mean we all go there, right? Who’s with me?

So we went on about our day.

We spent the morning at a park with some friends. Big and Small brought their soccer ball, because they’re clever like that, and enjoyed some fun time running around.

Then, off we went to Abuela and Abuelo’s for a barbeque lunch and some more fun time with people we love. That was followed by some good times at home with the sprinkler and the tiniest blow up pool you could ever imagine. Why do even have that thing? The boys had a blast! Then after a quick popsicle snack – don’t judge, it’s a summer vacation type of snack –  we pulled out the sidewalk chalk and went to town. Well, maybe not the whole town, but we were certainly proud of our new curb appeal.

Curb Appeal!

So that was our day.

But it didn’t end there.

Big turned to me at the end of the day and in his ‘I’m much older than I look wisdom’ said to me, “See mommy, we can have fun right here.” To which Small added, “You good mommy.”

And in that moment, my friends, I realized how blessed I am to have low maintenance kids. They don’t need all the things I think they need, or think they deserve. I realized that I don’t need to beat myself up for not providing them with extravagant things. (a pool and a fancy shmancy vacation would be very extravagant at this point in time) Vince and I are fortunate enough to be able to provide them with the gift of time. Time we’ll never get back, so we’ll make the best of it by visiting our local dollar store and making the best of it. My kids have taught me that they don’t need or ask for anything that we aren’t already providing. 

All they need is to be surrounded by people who love them.