Ribfest 2012

We love food.

Like, really, really love food.

And we look forward to our local Rib Festival every year.

With plates like these, how could we not?



Slithering Snakes…

Small was invited to a reptile/critter party today. And for some reason I thought it would be a good idea for me to take him. By myself. Alone. With the critters. And reptiles.

Let’s just say I laid low.

I stayed way in the back so as to not spoil (aka helicopter) Small’s enjoyment of such things.

While I shrieked on the inside every time he touched an animal, and kept digging in my purse for the sanitizer, he seemed to really enjoy it.

And was so proud of himself as held this:


MOH – Maid Of Honour

My friend got married on Friday and she asked me to be her maid of honour.

I could go and on about the wedding and how beautiful it all was…but that wouldn’t be like me! After all the whole day was about her – the bride – I get one chance at making it about me.

And here it is :


Ear tubes day. AKA Nay’s freaking out day.

Well, today’s the day.

Small gets his ear tubes.

After NINE ear infections in a six month span, it was time for this next step.

I’m freaking out. I know the surgery/procedure only takes a few minutes, but it’s the anesthesia that worries me the most. Especially since there were a million forms to fill out about it.

I’ve been up since three a.m. Just couldn’t sleep with the stress of it all. I know God is good and all will be okay; but worrying is part of my DNA. I’m working on it.

The littlest member of our family will have all of us by his side this morning when he wakes up after all is said and done.


Boys and Their Manicures

While at our local Old Navy store today we stumbled upon a back to school celebration being hosted by Today’s Parent Magazine.

It was a great time! There was a craft station, an XBox Kinnect station – and by the way, I want one – and a manicure station.

Big and Small have both been begging for green nails. However, my forgetfulness has gotten in the way. Basically, I keep forgetting to pick up green nail polish.

So when they saw the manicure station at the store today, they were all over it.

No biggie, right? I mean is it really that abnormal these days for boys to get their nails done?

Sadly, the answer is yes.

I overheard a couple of ladies, moms, say they couldn’t believe I was allowing my boys to get their nails done. Especially with a camera crew being around. Apparently, I was setting them up.

For what?

When the boys asked to get their nails done I didn’t hesitate for a moment. They were excited, and it meant I wouldn’t have to do it. A win-win in my books.

But I won’t lie. It bothered me that strangers were making assumptions about my parenting.

My kids, my boys, are confident, well adjusted and expressive. They knew what they wanted and they went for it. They weren’t worried about what the norm was or what others would think of them. They chose the colors they wanted and chatted with their manicurist as if they’d done this a thousand times.
Completely unaware of the ignorance of others.

And while I was contemplating dealing with this face to face, I remembered this core value from work that really speaks to me: YOU BE YOU, AND I’LL BE ME.

I pray that my children adopt this value and apply it to every single aspect of their lives.

Obviously, my prayers are being answered.

I’ve had many proud mama moments.

Seeing my boys getting their first mani can now be added to that list.


Update (August 19, 2012) : Several parents stopped me at the park today to say how cool it was that my boys had their nails done. Hallelujah! Open minds prevail!

Lice. Gag. Barf. Yuck.

I’ve been a mom for almost seven years.

In that time I’ve dealt with few, if any, ‘nobody tells you about this’ moments.

In other, words I’ve been pretty lucky.

Letters from school/camps come home saying that fifths disease is going around. We’ve been affected – uh never. Chicken pox – never. Hand, foot and mouth disease – never. Pink eye – never. Head lice – never….well, until today that is!!

We had our first lice infestation to deal with today. Got the dreaded call from Small’s school this morning.

And all I can say, is that after the mass hysteria (ME) died down, it was super easy to deal with.

With my mind racing at a thousand miles an hour with all the things I needed to bleach/boil/throw out, I rushed off to the pharmacy. The pharmacist, God bless her, gave me a box of Nix and sent me on my way.

That’s it? Yes! That’s it.

Everything I needed to regain my sanity came in this little box.

Super easy. Super fast.

Apply cream. Wait ten minutes. Rinse off. Comb out.

I’m paraphrasing of course, but seriously, in no time at all, bingo bango, we were good to go!

Phew. Crisis averted.

All because of this tiny little box.


Baking 101

It’s not a secret that I don’t like to bake.
It’s too precise, too finicky for me.

Then I went grocery shopping.

Two hundred and forty dollars later, and some sobbing on the inside, I knew something had to be done.

I came up with :
(1) I need to meal plan and (2) I need to make my kids’ snacks.

So, off to the library I went – which turned into a great morning with the boys – and I went through tons of cookbooks.

The Deceptively Delicious books by Jessica Seinfeld caught my attention and I decided to give them a go.

Well, after a day being trapped in pureeing hell, I managed to bake.

Cranberry lemon muffins and chocolate banana bread.

I’m so proud of myself, I could cry.