Lice. Gag. Barf. Yuck.

I’ve been a mom for almost seven years.

In that time I’ve dealt with few, if any, ‘nobody tells you about this’ moments.

In other, words I’ve been pretty lucky.

Letters from school/camps come home saying that fifths disease is going around. We’ve been affected – uh never. Chicken pox – never. Hand, foot and mouth disease – never. Pink eye – never. Head lice – never….well, until today that is!!

We had our first lice infestation to deal with today. Got the dreaded call from Small’s school this morning.

And all I can say, is that after the mass hysteria (ME) died down, it was super easy to deal with.

With my mind racing at a thousand miles an hour with all the things I needed to bleach/boil/throw out, I rushed off to the pharmacy. The pharmacist, God bless her, gave me a box of Nix and sent me on my way.

That’s it? Yes! That’s it.

Everything I needed to regain my sanity came in this little box.

Super easy. Super fast.

Apply cream. Wait ten minutes. Rinse off. Comb out.

I’m paraphrasing of course, but seriously, in no time at all, bingo bango, we were good to go!

Phew. Crisis averted.

All because of this tiny little box.



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