Humble Pie

I’ve been told I have a bit of an attitude problem by the people who love me the most. Which makes me question said relationships, but that’s for a different post.

The thing is that I totally thought I had this under control. I mean, I do have a bit of an edge, but more in a sarcastic, funny kinda way.

Except today.

When I was a bit snappy to the gymnastics teacher, before I realized she would be MY kid’s gymnastics teacher.

To be fair, she started it! (or so the story will go from this point forward)

Asking me in a very dismissive tone ‘who is this? where had he been? is he supposed to be here?’. Okay, so we missed the first two classes, but jeez lady take a breath!

So I replied.

Just as snottily, bordering on rude.
And maybe even a little bit mean. Maybe.

She took it.
And then proceeded to lead the children to their assigned spot on the gym floor.

I froze.

Shit. Was she OUR teacher? Please don’t be. Please don’t be…shit.
Shit. She was our teacher.

I felt myself shrink, not an easy feat for a woman of my size. But I did.

My stomach turned and I felt sick.

I had just berated the woman who, for the next twelve weeks would be my son’s teacher at his absolute favorite thing ever. He loves, loves gymnastics.

So I swallowed some humble pie and made nice before class ended.

When I’m wrong, I’m wrong. And it’s important to model that for my boys. It happens. We make mistakes. We’re not perfect. And it’s never too late to try and fix it.

And so it came to pass that I, full of sass Nay, vowed, once again, to breathe and most importantly, think before I speak.

Hold me to it.

For my kids’ sakes.



Friends, for all you do, Thank You.

I’m not a great friend.
Maybe not even a good friend.

I forget to call and sometimes forget to email.
I don’t always reply to texts immediately.
And more often than not, I will forget all about birthdays, anniversaries, etc.
I’m a little neurotic and somewhat hysterical.

But for some strange reason, I have amazingly awesome friends who put up with it all.
Why they stick around is a mystery to me. Yet, I’m extremely grateful they do.

I am fortunate enough to have friends from all different walks of life.

I have friends I’ve known for years, friends I’ve just met recently, friends that have stuck by me through thick and thin. Not me being thin, that hasn’t happened in ages.

I love to share who I am, my experiences, my points of view. I am a little expressive and call things like I see them. I make no excuses for who I am, my faith, my family or my immature behaviour. I genuinely believe all the crap I spew, and am quick to admit when I’m wrong, which of course, doesn’t happen often. I am confident and yet have the humility to know that life can bring me to my knees in a second.

How did this become about me?
It’s a hazard of being my friend… more often than not, things always come back to me.

But not today.

Today I am publicly thanking my friends.

All of you.

Some who’ve been around forever. Some who’ve just hopped aboard the Nay train.
Some of you whom I’ve only ‘met’ online. Some of you who wish you only knew me online.
Some of you who’ve shared amazing milestones with me. Some of you who have held me while I sobbed.
Some of you who have laughed so hard with me that we may or may not have peed ourselves. (I’ll never tell).

To my friends – Thank You.


Big has had some personal breakthroughs lately and I couldn’t be happier!

First, this happened:


Him eating a rib is a breakthrough?


The fact that he’s eating it with his hands is!

You see, Big has always felt a little anxiety at getting his hands dirty with food.

While other toddlers were experiencing finger foods, big was experimenting with forks and spoons.

So when he picked up a rib at ribfest and let loose – it literally brought tears to my eyes.

And when he was done eating, and the meat juice was all over his hands and arms, he casually picked up a napkin, cleaned himself and asked to get to a sink. No sign of the panic ridden ‘get it off me!’ that we’d become accustomed to.

It was a Christmas miracle in September indeed.

Then, this happened. He’s on two wheels!


The Wheels On The Bus

Fridays are days set aside for Small.

He doesn’t go to school on Fridays, so it’s our appointment day, speech therapy day, gymnastics day, whatever comes up day.

For the first time in a long time, we had nothing booked.

So we decided to turn it into Small’s first bus ride day!

Look at this kid…


Back to School – 2012

This time last year, I was an unbelievable mess.

No, really. I’m not joking.

It wasn’t pretty.

I was pent up with anxiety.

Never mind, Big, was going into grade one – meaning full days, away from me, but he was going from his tiny, little Montessori school to a big, huge public school.

Small was to continue on at the Montessori school, but wouldn’t you know it, we had to pull him from the school due to some unforeseen circumstances in how the school was now being ran.

I had Big starting at public school, and Small’s academic future was in limbo.

I wouldn’t survive.

Yet we did.

We all survived.

Not only did we survive, but we all grew.

Big’s confidence skyrocketed. His anxiety issues dissolved. I saw him, well, being a kid.

Small thrived in his new environment.
His new school was open to supporting his speech delay and worked with our speech pathologist. Better still, the teacher to student ratio was well worth the tuition payments.

I also grew.

I allowed myself to trust in our parenting. We have and are continuing to raise great boys.

I allowed myself to trust in the public school system. And they did very well.

I allowed myself to trust in not a Montessori school. And they did very well.

So here we are.

First day of Grade Two.


First day in Red Room (aka JK).