Thankful for…

There’s a lot to be thankful for.

So much, that in fact, I can’t begin to list it all.

Or can I?

My husband – Vince. He truly is my life partner. I found him when I was a teenager, and through thick and thin, we’ve made this life, our life.

Big – my firstborn. Wow. This kid changed my life. One fine day it came upon me that I was born to be a mom. And when God blesses me, he never, ever disappoints.

Small – my baby. And just when I thought I had my life figured out, this kid changed it all! This boy is a true miracle. And given how ‘active’ he is, it’s also a miracle that this kid is still in one piece – once again a clear indication that God truly exists.

My parents – also known as Abuela and Abuelo. It goes without saying that without these two people, I simply wouldn’t be here. But it’s more than that. I am who I am because these two people loved me. Each in their own way.

My sister – also known as Tia. This girl and I have been through several moves together. Not only from country to country as kids, but we seem to follow each other from city to city as adults as well. It’s just the two of us, and it works fabulously well.

My niece. This little diva was meant for our family. We all prayed for her and once again, we were in awe of how amazing God truly is. Just love this pensive, funny, all-around pink little lady!

Canada – our home and native land. I wasn’t born here, but not once have I been made to feel like I don’t belong here. Now, as a Canadian citizen, I appreciate all of the support and magnificence this wonderful country provides for all of us.

My friendsThis.

Turkey Dinners – also known as my absolute favourite meal of all time. And even more thankful when we get to enjoy them at other people’s houses.

God – also known as The One Who Provides All of The Above.

So there you have it.
My thankful for list.

Care to add anything?


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