Watch for God, He always shows up.

As a Christian, during times of tragedy or fear, I’m sometimes asked the question ‘How could God let this happen?”  I think most Christians have faced this question at one time or another.

Most of the time I can have a great conversation and can answer friends’ questions while staying strong in my faith.

This weekend, I’ve been having a hard time answering this question.

How? How could this happen? How could God not intervene?
Children died. Children!

Then I looked down and saw this.

An excellent reminder for me

This little bracelet, that says “watch for God” sits on my wrist day in day out. It was given to Big during our church’s VBS program and he’s asked me to wear it since.

Sometimes, I forget that it’s even there, and other times I look down, see it, and remind myself that God can in fact be found in every situation.

So I began to think.

Where was God yesterday? Where?

He was in the teacher whose instinct it was to tell children she loved them while hiding in a closet. He was in the people of the community who spoke about supporting and loving each other through this tragedy. He was in Emilie Parker’s father who spoke so eloquently about love and forgiveness in the midst of his unimaginable pain.

He showed up in the best way He could.

Through love; love in people, in us, for each other.

I believe that the children that died are now with Him. And even though I can’t begin to imagine what such a loss would feel like, I am comforted in knowing that they are with Him. It’s what my faith helps me believe.

I am also comforted in knowing that He dwells in people who can put an end to this senseless violence. I pray that He will grant leaders wisdom and strength to put a plan in motion that will stop all of this.

I don’t pretend to understand the whys and hows of what happened in Connecticut. The truth is I don’t, I don’t understand any of it. But what I do know, is that one day God will right all the wrongs in the way that only He can.

You may not believe in the same things as I do, but whatever or whomever it is you believe in, draw yourself near to that and I hope you too can help find some peace during this time. I hope you too can see that there is good; that even in the midst of pain and hurt, some good shines through.

So as I continue about my day, and because it’s what I believe, I wear my bracelet around my wrist and remind myself to Watch For God.

God will show up; He always shows up.


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