No debate here; Students Still Come First

As some of you may know, I haven’t always been a fan of public education.
I had it in my mind that my two would stay at their cozy little private school forever.

Things didn’t quite happen that way, and although I was thrown for a loop and had to make some adjustments to my attitude towards education as a whole, we’ve all survived and are all doing really well!

Who knew?

Who knew that I would continuously be amazed by the care and love shown to my boys by their teachers?

I have been humbled by their grace, support and love.

As I posted here, Small has now entered the public school life and three weeks in, we are so happy to have made this decision.

First, let me start off by saying that his teacher is ah-mazing.
Like for reals.

The Friday before the Christmas break, she invited Small to visit the classroom so that he would be somewhat familiar when he started in January.
So, not only did we visit the classroom that Friday, but she had all the kids do a welcome song and introduce themselves to Small. Some of the SK kids came up and gave him a hug as they welcomed them to their classroom family.

On his first day, his teacher made a point to welcome Small into the classroom, and even gave me the okay to call her if I needed to. I didn’t, by the way. I wanted to, but I restrained myself. I slowly counted the hours until three o’clock and then I walked ran to the school to pick my boys up. I anxiously waited outside Small’s classroom door only to be met by a huge smile on his face. His teacher went on to tell me all about his day, and she also told me that she’d found Big throughout the day and told him that his little brother was doing just fine. She figured Big would be a bit worried/anxious and wanted to put his mind at ease.

Who does all this?

Teachers, that’s who.

And as we all continue the debate here in Ontario as to whether you support Bill whatever it is, or whether you support teachers or unions or school boards; just remember that in some cases, students are still being placed first.

Just ask Small.
He feels like a million bucks every time he walks into his kindergarten class.


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