There’s been more physical change in my life then I care to even think about. By age twelve, my family and I had lived in five different continents.

Needless to say, such experience with change has made me not only really good at it, but also made me super adaptable.

But don’t be fooled, just because I’m good at change doesn’t mean that I actually like change.

Let me explain.

I fully believe that in some cases and instances change is a very necessary thing.
Sometimes, we can’t overcome or grow without change.

I believe in change with conviction.
What I mean is that meaningful change has to come from a good place in my heart.

All this to say that over the past year, a lot of changes have been happening – changes in where our faith is leading us, changes in our health, changes in our work, changes in our family dynamics, change is our finances, change has been everywhere! It amazes me to think how much has changed in the short span of only a year.

We faced some challenges this past year and at times, things would have gone a lot smoother if we had just changed our priorities. If we had just changed our way of thinking, or ignored our convictions, things would have been easier. Instead, we stayed strong. We made only necessary changes and ignored the temptation to change who were, and who God made us to be, in order to make life easy.

I hope that Big and Small see this.

I hope that Big and Small can look back at their childhood and see that their parents stayed strong in who they were when faced with trials. That we didn’t waiver and change who we were even when there was promise of easy on the horizon; that we didn’t ignore our values and compromise our integrity.

I hope that they see that although change is sometimes necessary, it isn’t always the way.

Sometimes the answer isn’t in change at all, but rather, it’s in staying the same.


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