Girlfriend! You with me?

A couple of weekends ago I had the awesome pleasure of attending a Beth Moore simulcast. Beth Moore is a fast-talking, evangelical teacher who overuses the word girlfriend, but  you can  overlook that because she’s real. She lives what she believes and loves telling other people about it.

This particular simulcast was on the topic of doing womanhood well.
She made many, many great points that day, but one thing stood out for me the most.

She spoke about how it’s so important, vital even, for women to have girlfriends. Not just any old girlfriends, she said, but rather friends who celebrate with you and not just for you. There’s a difference, she explained. The people who just ‘like’ or ‘favourite’ your latest post celebrate for you and are different than those who genuinely experience emotion when celebrating your success. Those who celebrate with you actually feel and experience joy in their hearts. It’s okay to have heaps of followers on a social media site, she said, but it’s even more important to have one or two or more friends who genuinely feel things with you. And the best part? She pointed out scripture that actually highlighted the importance of friendship among women.

So as I was taking all of this in, I immediately started going through the names of my friends. I started to think about friends whom I’ve shared details of my life with, friends with whom I’ve shared my highs and my lows with, friends who have held my hand through some dark times, and friends who have laughed along with me during the fun times. A smile not only came across my face, but also in my heart.

I’m so fortunate to have friends from all different walks of life!

Friends who believe and walk along with me on my faith journey.
Friends who don’t believe in God, yet respect the fact that I do.
Friends who call me on my pretentiousness and remind me that humility suits me best.
Friends who listen to me go on and on (and on) about just about everything!
Friends who understand that my family will always come first.
Friends who appreciate my need, and I mean need, for constant laughter.
Friends who respect my fear of silence and aquariums.
Friends who get my jokes and friends who don’t.
Friends who banter with me for the sake of a good laugh.
Friends who show me grace as I grow and learn.
Friends who aren’t afraid to hurt my feelings.
Friends who humour me.
Friends who love me.
Friends who out of the blue think of me and send me this because they knew it would mean something to me.

And it does.

It all means so much to me.

Girlfriends who celebrate life with me and not just for me.

Girlfriends are important.

Vital, even.

It’s in The Bible.