Celebrities, Sparks and Snowshoeing. I can explain. 

I read a news story recently …  well, maybe first I should clarify that when I say ‘news’, I kinda don’t really mean ‘newsy news’, I mean more like whatever graces my timelines and feeds type of news … okay, back to the news. I read that what keeps the Smith, as in Will and Jada, marriage spark alive for Jada, is seeing Will act out love scenes in movies.

And while I’m not one to  judge, because you know, you be you and I’ll be me, I am one to make all things about me, so I got to thinking, what keeps the spark alive in my marriage?

Vince and I met when we were in high school, and married when we were in our mid twenties. He’ll want me to tell you that I was twenty five while he was a mere twenty four. (It’s the small things that make my man happy) So how do we keep the spark alive after twenty three glorious years together, you ask? Or maybe you dont, but I’mma tell you anyway.

It’s quite simple really; we laugh, we cry, we pray, we fight, we forgive, we love, then we pray some more. We keep true to our beliefs, yet we leave room for our beliefs to grow and mature. We forgive each other’s faults, although truth be told, Vince is better at that one. We serve each other, our kids, our friends, our school, our community. There’s nothing that makes me love my husband more than when I see him love, serve and help others.

And the best, the absolute best way we keep the spark alive? We laugh. And laugh. Like a lot. At just about everything, and almost always, at ourselves.

So while Ms. Smith and Mr. Smith, find joy in their own way and in their own reality, Vince and I will stick to ours. Like today, for example, Vince has put down his tool belt, and has joined Big’s class in a snowshoeing adventure. I can’t begin to tell you how that small act of love for our son, in the freezing cold, in the middle of a freezing rain warning, fuels our spark.

A big thank you Mr. and Mrs. Smith, for making it into my news feed, sharing so much of yourselves and inspiring  me to do the same.