Love wins, round two. 

I’m fortunate enough to be surrounded by some pretty intelligent people. People with street smarts and people with more degrees and letters after their names than any one person truly needs. All sorts of wisdom surrounds me.

But I have to admit, that although I’m surrounded by so much academic wisdom, intellect and worldliness, some of the best conversations I get the privilege of enjoying, are the ones I have with my nine-year old son.

Just a few weeks ago we discussed the Charleston shooting. I explained to him what had happened and watched his little face express sadness and confusion. I also watched his face light up as we spoke about how love wins, how it has to win and will always win because God is love, and love is God.

This past weekend, as our conversations about love continued, he broke it down like this:

“What I do know, is that Jesus told us to love. And you know what else? He said that people will know you’re a Christian if you love. That’s how we roll, us Christians, we just need to keep trying to love each other.”

He’s nine and has the whole world figured out.

From the mouths of babes, indeed.


Love wins. It has to.

The headline: Church attack kills 9

As I’ve watched this horrible situation in Charleston unfold, my heart has broken a thousand times over.

How can this be? How could this happen? Why did this happen?

My heart has cried out and my soul has crumbled, for there is nothing less I understand than hate. Hate of any kind. Hate in any shape or form. Hate is evil and it scares me.

Nine people shot dead because of the colour of their skin?

Nine families that will never see their loved one again because of the colour of their skin?

Nine sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers; nine loved ones.

And the gunman? What life must he have had that led him to such hate? How sad for him. How sad for his family.

As a Christian, I am usually comforted in the sound truth that God in His infinite wisdom and love is in full control of what happens here on Earth. But today, today, I humbly admit that this truth feels distant. My heart is too broken, too human to fully comprehend. Today my human heart breaks, today my human eyes cry, today my human spirit cries out, please, no more of this!

Today I condemn this evil and hate.

It must stop.

And it starts with us, it starts with me.

I must continue on my path to teach my children that love wins.  I must continue to teach my children that we are all equal, that we are all worthy. That no matter what the colour of our skin, our hair, our features, our preferences, our likes or dislikes, we are all in this together. We all matter! And I will continue to tell them, to drive it home, to yell from the mountaintops that LOVE WINS! That it has to win. Because without love, we are nothing. Without love, we have nothing. Without love, we do not exist. Without love and mercy and grace, we would not be here. And it’s up to them to continue to spread the message of love today, tomorrow and after I’m gone. Because if there’s any inheritance or legacy that I want to leave for my children, it’s that they be people who choose love over everything else.

Because love is God, and God is love.

And with love, they win. And the people they meet win. And then love spreads. And then things like hate and evil disappear.

Because love wins.

It has to.