For the love of all that’s holy! The #RedCup Dilemma.

So, as a Christian I’m supposed to be offended by a red cup this morning.


No, seriously, really?


I can’t even.

I saw a headline “Christians offended by Red Cup”.

Christians? Really?

I’m a Christian.

You didn’t ask me before reporting such ridiculousness.

So clean up your headline. At the bare minimum, include the word “some” so that I’m not lumped into a solid bunch of people who, with other offenses going on in the world, like war, like hunger, like poverty, like lack of compassion, are outraged by a red cup. Maybe they mean well, but although we share Christianity in common, their intentions are not my own.

A red cup.

I still can’t even.

You see, some of us Christians, we’re not interested in the Jesus that keeps popping up in our newsfeeds and headlines. Some of us Christians are madly in love with the Jesus that gave his life for us and that above all else is living love. The Jesus that forgives and is abundant in grace. The Jesus that couldn’t give a damn about the colour of the cup your coffee is poured in, but instead insists that you treated the barista who poured it with respect, love, grace and did I mention love?

So please, I beg you, please know that I, a Christian, am not offended by any cup, not by the colour, size or shape of it. So at any time, I will welcome a hot cup of coffee in any way you’d like to offer it to me. And if you can figure out how I could receive it in IV form, I’d be forever grateful. And given how cranky I get when I don’t have enough caffeine running through my veins, I’m sure Jesus would thank you too.

Yours in love,



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