Hi! Thanks for stopping by.

I’m Nay. Mama to Big & Small. Wife to Vince my high school sweetheart; who at the best of times has the patience of a saint (you’ll see). I’ve been known to be rather chatty (again, you’ll see).

I love to write/chat about whatever I’m obsessing about at the time.

Obsessing being the key word. I do that – a lot.

I’m a believer. A believer in God, in life, in love, in laughter; definitely believe in lots of laughter.

I consider myself a story-teller and love to share my thoughts and stories with anyone who’ll pay attention to them.

Situations have a tendency to ‘turn into a thing’ whenever I’m involved; probably out of my own doing.

My new super clever and catchy blog title came to me in a dream – which led me to wonder how come I’m so much more clever when I’m in an unconscious state? Also, is it really that super clever even?

I do apologize in advance for neglecting this blog. It will happen. Don’t be let down, I warned you.

Most importantly, thank you for coming along this journey with me.




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